What Are the Benefits of Honey for Your Little One?

What Are the Benefits of Honey for Your Little One?

If given the right amount according to age, honey can provide many health benefits for children. Here are some of the goodness and benefits of madu anak that your little one can get if you regularly consume honey:

Energy Sources for Activities

The age of children is the age where the little one is very active in activities and exploring themselves. Therefore, children really need sufficient energy intake. With its natural sugar content, honey can make children more excited about their daily activities.

Increase Body Immunity

Honey contains iron and various vitamin complexes. This makes honey useful in increasing the child’s immune system. Regular giving of honey can make children stronger and avoid the risk of various diseases.

Maximizing Child Development

In childhood, the cells and organs of the body develop rapidly. The substances in honey ensure that the child’s growth runs optimally and ensures that the absorption of nutrients in the body is carried out properly and optimally.

Relieves Coughs and Colds

Honey is also effective in relieving coughs, colds and flu. This is because honey contains natural sugars which can cleanse the respiratory system from infections or cough-causing phlegm. Besides drinking it directly, you can serve honey by dissolving honey in warm water. Then, tell your little one to inhale the steam that comes out.

Heals Wounds

With high enthusiasm while playing, children are very vulnerable to falling and getting injured. If this happens, you can apply honey to the injured area. Honey can accelerate wound healing and prevent infection from wounds.

Prevent Children from Allergies

Some children have a tendency to be allergic to certain things. By consuming honey properly, children’s allergies can be overcome. This is because honey can help fight allergic sources or histamine that causes allergic reactions.

Maintain Digestive System Performance

Honey contains natural ingredients that can manage excessive acid production in the child’s stomach. Honey can also fight bacteria that cause excess gas in the digestive system. That way, consuming honey can make problems such as nausea and vomiting overcome. In fact, honey can also increase a child’s appetite, you know.

Boosts Brain Performance & Memory Development

Another benefit of honey is that it can improve children’s memory development. Its natural antioxidant content works to build memory optimally. In addition, honey also increases the absorption of calcium from other foods. This is very useful for making the brain work better. In the long run, children’s intelligence can also increase.

By giving honey according to their age, children will get optimal health benefits. But, make sure to always be careful when buying honey. Choose honey from a trusted seller, so you don’t get a fake product that doesn’t have any benefits. Apart from regular honey, there are currently many choices of quality honey to choose from, such as Manuka honey or Uray honey.