Nonton Anime Sub Indo Episode Baru Review

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In this Nonton Anime Sub Indo Episode Baru, Rikka Taima gets her memories back from her sister who had been one of the mercenaries, which was hired by the boss of an agency to be able to get rich. The one who gave the orders is what saved her, even if it meant being controlled by this gangster.

Depending on the story, Rikka Taima is an excellent fighter and is a member of the army, but she’s yet to make a choice. She can also be hated by one other mercenary for being useless. Rikka only had her memory, nevertheless the sight of the females in the men’s workplace made her think about it again and decided to have her memories back.

In this Nonton Anime Sub-Indo Episode Baru, Rikka is another hired by the boss to safeguard her from the bandits, which are threatening to rob the boss’s money and goods, which are worth billions. Rikka must be on guard constantly when fighting the men since they’ve guns which are laden with bullets that will shoot a hundred bullets at a second. Additional info found at anime sub indo episode baru.

Rikka Taima is confronted with the choice of using her very own strength and skill to defend herself and turn out alive or wanting to use her sister’s help and abilities to safeguard herself and kill the bandits without any problems. Because of this, Rikka and her sister agree so it could be better if they’re both on the same side.

The initial scene of the episode starts with Rikka and her sister inside their workplace, where they mentioned how Rikka had lost her memory after the incident of losing her eye, which lead her to wanting to have her memories back. In this instance, it had been hinted that Rikka and her sister had been there for each other before.

Rikka and her sister went to the region where they may make it after dark. They even started to feel uneasy when a number of the bandits were killed by Rikka and her sister, though this made them feel happy to see their friends again, even if it meant killing the bandits.

Rikka and her sister’s relationship are still unknown, but it appears that they did not get along at all. The episode ended with Rikka and her sister engaging in a car and having a big brawl while both wanting to reach the street, even if this made them only a little scared of their boss.

In this Nonton Anime Sub Indo Episode Baru, Rikka is shown to become a bit of a mover and shaker, but still a newbie. The animation with this episode is done well, particularly for a fight scene, so I give it a high score.

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