Join the Wyoming Chamber of Commerce and Study Business Regulations!

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The Wyoming Chamber of Commerce and the Wyoming Manufacturers Association are working hand-in-hand to provide businesses with the resources and support they need to grow and succeed in the state. Working together, they aim to improve the competitiveness of the economy and to help create new jobs, while protecting our environment. These groups work closely with local business owners to implement and promote the economic prosperity that can be found in the state.

Not only does the chamber provide assistance to small businesses, but it also hosts many trade events that allow entrepreneurs to showcase their goods and services to people from all over the country. Events include chamber of commerce cocktail parties, luncheons, and round tables. They feature outstanding speakers who will share success stories and talk about how they started their own companies and eventually became profitable ones. You can listen to inspiring speakers from local businesses and take in some hot tamales as well!

The chamber works with a variety of individuals and businesses in order to provide comprehensive educational programs, seminars, and workshops. The wyoming chamber works closely with business leaders to ensure that they are maximizing their potential and using the state’s legislation and licensing programs in their best interests. They are dedicated to ensuring that their members have the tools and information necessary to grow and succeed. For more information on events, check out the chamber’s website. You will find current and up to date information on business groups, industry partners, and events. The website also offers valuable information on networking opportunities, leadership development, public relations, and volunteer opportunities.

There are a wide variety of professional organizations in Wyoming. There is the American Lawyer Association, which has branches in Cheyenne, Jackson, Cody, and Rapid City. There is the Wyoming State Bar Association, which serves Wyoming residents and all law professionals. The Wyoming State Medical Society offers medical clinics in Cheyenne and Jackson, as well as in the cities of Cody, Rapid City, and Wyomert. There is the Alliance of Personal Injury Attorneys, which provides free legal advice to individuals in need.

For lawyers interested in pursuing continuing education, the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) provides continuing legal education courses throughout the state. In addition, there are numerous educational programs at universities and colleges throughout Wyoming. Students can enroll in an online course or complete an in-person course at a local college. The University of Wyoming has an Online Learning Center that provides training to lawyers and other professional personnel. Students can register for Law School and take classes at the university over the Internet. Wyoming Technical Institute also offers training in a number of areas.

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees, you should be concerned about the laws that apply to you. The laws and the policies that the chamber has in place to help protect the interests of business owners should not only be of interest to you, but to your business, as a whole. If you are looking for a way to gain knowledge about business laws, the Chamber has a number of informative websites where you can find valuable resources. Visit the website today!

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